Math as a Language!!
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A simple map with various routes to go home from school; by choosing the route with shortest possible distance - promotes visualization and simple measurements for our kindergarten going students to master the technique of analytical thinking and unknowingly familiarize themselves with the Pythagoras Theorem. 
Yes, like any other language MATH FLUENCY can be naturally achieved by introducing it to a child from a very early age and through regular practice. I have been teaching math to kids in a well-planned way for sometimes and even my 5 year old students have gained amazing advance math skills such as counting by larger numbers, division, geometry, simplification, probability, math puzzles, measurements etc.
If you are interested in  fun age appropriate easy-to-learn math classes (4K to 5th Grade) please contact:
Narin Sara Fatima, PhD, Mechanical Engineering, UW-Madison
Instructor: UW-Madison, 2013-2018
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